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Horse Picture

This is a word that describes in a contextual way what it is to study, understand and utilize the horse for personal benefit and ultimately the benefit therefore of humans.

This is a word that describes a species of animal, and is therefore a zoological definition, which pertains to only the creature itself.

Horse Riding History
In truth, our understanding of when and where and by whom, the first attempt at positive interaction with the horse is sketchy at best. Based upon archaeological evidence, the area within Eurasia (where the continents of Europe and Asia meet), and more specifically the area around the Black Sea and Caspian Sea for example result in our earliest discoveries of tangible evidence, however this is not to say that we have anything near a complete picture of equestrian development, not even close.

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Horse Riding Techniques
In order to become a successful horse rider, a rider must treat, ride and understand each horse as an individual, using their skills as a rider to fully enjoy their wonderful friend, the horse to the best of their abilities. To become an accomplished horse rider takes an enormous amount of training and understanding and is a constantly ongoing learning experience. Skills that a rider will need to master in the beginning are mounting and dismounting procedure, how to guide the horse to the left and to the right and how to halt the horse. Further training can involve more advanced riding on the flat by working on lateral work, dressage movements and jumping.

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Horse Riding Aids
Aids are instructions given by the rider to communicate through to the horse.The use of any aid must be used as softly and clearly as possible to allow the horse to fully understand the riders command. There are two types of aids, artificial aids such as spurs and natural aids such as the riders seat.

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Horse Riding Clothing
A horse rider should be appropriately dressed in the correct clothing and equipment with the main requirement being safety and comfort. Specialized equipment is available and often a requirement for different types of competition, for example the use of a body protector for eventing.

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Types Of Horseback Riding Competitions
English and Western riding are the two main groups of riding within each one there are a number of subsequent horse riding disciplines that can be undertaken.

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