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Equestrian Video's
Equestrian video's are a great learning tool, being able to watch yourself and others allows you to analyze how well you are riding and evaluate your own horses performance so that you can then go away and work on any weak areas ready for your next event.

These video's will also allow those who do not have experience of a competition to know what to expect before they enter or have a go for themselves, although as with any equestrian discipline it is worth seeking the advice of a qualified trainer before you enter competition to ensure that both you and your horse are ready and well prepared for the event you wish to do which, helping to ensure that you have a fun and successful day.

Horse Riding Videos
In the videos below you will be able to watch a dressage test, show jumping round and cross country phase of an eventing competition, helping to give you an insight into whats involved with these types of competition:

Horse Care Videos
Being able to view how to clip a horse and what preparation and equipment are required can help make the clipping process much easier: