Equine Art and Horse Sculpture

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Equine Art

Equine Art
Horses have been the subjects of artists for many hundreds of years with both pictures and statues capturing the beauty of horses. Popular images are of horses in battle, working the land, hunting, racing and of regal subjects both as artwork and statues.

History of Horse Art
From early paintings on the walls of caves in Lascaux to the magnificent paintings from artists such as Diego Valesquez and George Stubbs the history of equine art is a fantastic journey that has been beautifully preserved over many hundreds of years.

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Famous Equestrian Artists
There have been many well known artists who have captured the beauty of the horse over the years, with each artists style being totally unique to them. Such artists include Paolo Uccello, Peter Paul Rubens, Eugene Delacroix, George Stubbs and Sir Alfred Munnings.

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Horse Statues
The use of statues to celebrate an horse or equestrian has long been established, one of the earliest statues created was from Archaic Greece at the Athenian acropolis around 550 BC and is called the Rampin Horseman. There have since then been several magnificent statues created and positioned all over the world to celebrate great leaders such as the statue of Marcus Aurelius in Rome and Henry IV on the Pont Neuf in Paris and also great horses such as the statue of Red Rum which can be seen at Aintree.

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Equine Chalk Art
This is where an image of a horse or a rider on a horse has been carved into the side of hill producing a white chalk image which can be seen over a great distance.

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