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Equestrian Clothing
The two main areas of equestrian clothing are 'competition' and 'casual'.

Casual Riding Clothing
Casual riding clothing needs to be safe, comfortable and practical whether you are just leading a horse to the field, or actually riding!

Riding Hats
A well fitted, regulation approved, hat is essential for when you are riding, leading, lunging, and in some cases, handling, horses.

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Horse riding chaps offer the rider comfort, protection and grip whilst riding and are available in a variety of lengths, colours and styles to suit from Batwing to Shotgun.

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Riding Boots
For working around horses a sturdy boot is required, that will offer your feet some protection from crushing injury, along with a heel suitable to prevent the foot from slipping through the stirrup irons whilst riding.

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Jodhpurs (a trouser) are designed specifically for riding, with padded knee patches for wear, seams on the outside to prevent rubbing, and sizes to suit just about every shape and size of rider, and also flexible materials that offer freedom of movement.

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Coats should be well fitting and not interfere with the rider's movement, particularly around the shoulders, and with quilted and waterproof coats available, allowing you to be covered for most weather conditions.

Road Safety Clothing
Fluorescent clothing is a safety item, and should be worn when riding on the road. In conditions where visibility is poor, it can also be used to advise other road users to be aware, for example, that you are on a young or inexperienced horse.

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Competition Clothing
Competition clothing varies depending on what activity you compete in. Standard competition clothing includes plain white or cream jodhpurs; a shirt and tie (or a stock with stock pin), along with long black leather boots. Special types of jacket will depend on the sport and level you have achieved within that sport... more about Riding Stock's

Riding Jackets
Jackets can range from a tweed hacking jacket for showing, show jumping, dressage and eventing, to a black, blue, green or red show jacket for showing, show jumping, dressage, and eventing, or top hat and tails for dressage and top level eventing.

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Body Protectors
For eventing the addition of a competition approved body protector is required over the cross country course, and this is often worn with a rugby type shirt over the top.

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Competition Equipment
Equipment such as whips, spurs, stopwatches and number tabards will come down to the competition rules regarding suitability and what the rider feels is appropriate.

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Polo players tend to wear polo shirts in the team colors, and though no body protector is required, a masked helmet is often worn for the game.

Endurance riding is the only competitive sport where there is no set dress code!

Gloves offer you warmth in winter, grip when riding, and protect your hands when otherwise handling horses.

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