Suffolk Horse Breed

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Suffolk Horse

Suffolk Horse
This heavy horse is strong and good natured and for its size economical to keep.

16 to 17 HH

All shades of Chesnut


Takes its name from Suffolk in East Anglia in England. It has long been used as a Draught horse pulling many wagons, carts and ploughs. It is also known to be one of the oldest breeds of England and incredibly economical to keep.

All Suffolk horses can be traced back to one horse called Crisp's Horse Of Ufford who was born in 1768 and more surprisingly this lovely horse has changed very little since then due to the fact that the horses were often born and bred on the farms where they worked, thus, keeping the Suffolk pure from other breeds.

Draught work

Suffolk Fact
The breeds color is always spelt chesnut and not chestnut!

Suffolk Horse Society
The society was founded in 1877 and works to preserve and promote this wonderful breed.