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Draft Horse Tack
The tack for driving and draft horses includes the bridle, bit and harness which varies according to the type of horse that is being used, the type of carriage, buggy or plough and for what purpose a show harness will be different from that for racing.

Draft Horse Harness
Horse harnesses vary depending on their use and the type of horse that it is to be used on, for example show harness, carriage harness, racing harness, draft or plough harness.

Draft Horse Bridle • Driving Horse Bridle
The bridle is essentially similar to that of a traditional English bridle with the addition of the blinkers and blinker stay which help to maintain the horse attention in a forward direction.

Draft Horse Bits
The most popular driving bits are the Liverpool, Butterfly and Kimblewick as these offer several bitting pressure points such as the poll and curb chain, although many horses and ponies in light harness may also be driven in snaffle bits.

There are several types of horse drawn vehicles available today that are used for carrying heavy loads or passengers such as for pleasure, show and competition purposes.

The amount of passengers each vehicle can take and the level of seating luxury will differ dramatically depending on the type of vehicle, with some only having seating for the driver and some having seating for several passengers such as is found on a wagon or cart.

These vehicles will usually be: