Shire Horse Breed

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Shire Horse

Shire Horse
These enormous horses have a gentle nature and are exceptionally strong and willing.

16 to 18 HH

Black, brown, bay and grey.


In 1878 the Old English Cart Horse Society was formed, 6 years later this name was changed to the Shire Horse Society.

Their great strength and size enabled them to be used in mediaeval times as a war horses as they could easily carry all the armour and would of been quite an impressive sight. Later on they were used on the canals and for working the land as well as in towns for deliveries such as beer and coal.


Famous Fact
The tallest horse of recent times was called Goliath and reached a staggering 19.11 and a half HH. He was born in 1977 and died at a respectable 24 years of age. He had worked for the Young and Co Brewery as one of a team of show horses

The Shire Horse Society
The society offers information for owners, breeders and enthusiasts of this wonderful breed of horse.