Haflinger Horse Breed

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Haflinger Horse
This wonderful looking horse from Austria has a generous temperament and active  paces making it an excellent all round riding horse.  Its wonderful chestnut coat and flowing flaxen mane are truly beautiful to look at.

Approximately 14 HH.

Chestnut with flaxen mane and tail.

The breed originates in the southern Tyrolean mountains in a village called Hafling in Austria


Haflinger Brand
The Haflinger brand is the capital letter H surrounded by the Edeweiss alpine flower.

The breeds origins date back to 1874 when a Arab stallion and a native Tyrolean mare produced a colt called Folie who went on to be the foundation sire for the Haflinger breed.

The Haflinger was used on the mountain top farms and was able to easily pass along the narrow sometimes treacherous paths down the mountains, their strong and sturdy physiques enabled them to be used as pack ponies as well as for working the land and forests and as ridden mounts where their active paces and energetic personalities really come to the fore.

Nowadays they are a sought after riding horse due to their excellent jumping, dressage, driving and trail riding abilities.

Haflinger Horse Society
Aims to preserve, protect, and promote the beautiful Haflinger breed.