Fjord Pony Breed

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Fjord Horse

Fjord Pony
This lovely looking pony with its  unusual colorings of a black and silver mane on a dun coat make it stand out and be easily recognized.  It has active and free moving paces with great strength and makes both an excellent riding and driving pony.

The breed originates in Norway.

13 to 14.2 HH.

Dun with a black and silver mane and often with a dorsal stripe and zebra markings.


The Fjord horses take their name from the Fjord area in Norway where they come from. The name Fjord refers to a long narrow inlet with steep valley sides that is formed by glaciers and the Fjord area in Norway is a true wilderness, the Fjord ponies have been surviving and thriving in the area for many , many years. The Fjord ponies have also kept true to themselves by retaining their unique mane and tail coloring, toughness and gentle nature.

This lovely ponies strength and sure footedness has made the Fjord a popular pack pony,  riding pony, forest and farm pony.  The Fjord has a kind and willing nature and its hardiness to survive in the mountain regions where it comes from shows its overall stamina and toughness.

Fjords are often used as a light draft horse and as an all round riding and driving horse.

Canadian Fjord Horse Association
The association works to maintain the Fjords truly unique characteristics.