Bashkir Horse Breed

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Bashkir Horse
This lovely horse from Russia is short strong and stocky and immensely hardy,  able to withstand the freezing temperatures and harsh winter conditions that occur in the foothills of the mountains where it comes from. It is sure footed and able to cross difficult terrain at speed with ease.

In the Ural mountains in the region of Bashkirsky Russia.

13 to 14 HH

Bay, chestnut and brown.


The Bashkir has great  strength and toughness and is able to survive in harsh weather and icy conditions sometimes going down as low as - 40 degrees. The Bashkir was used in the Napoleonic and  world war one   both ridden and as a  pack horse. The  Bashkir grows a very thick coat and mane and tail in the winter to help to protect it from the weather and enabling it to survive on little forage. In order to survive what the Bashkir does is to use its hooves to dig down into the snow to uncover the hidden  forage lying underneath.

A good all round riding horse and light draught horse.

Bashkir Fact
They have a very high milk yield and they produce a curly coat in winter that can also be spun into cloth.

American Bashkir Curly Registry
The ABCR aim to preserve, protect and promote this wonderful horse with its unique coat and offers information about shows, breeders, purchasing and events.