Blooded Horse Types

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Horse Bloods
Horses can be categorised into three groups, which depending on what breed they are will make them either fit into the Warmblood, Cold Blood or Hot Blood category.

Cold Bloods
Horses in the cold blood category are a heavier breed of horse than the Hot bloods are. Cold blooded horses are known for there immense strength and gentle calm nature. They often have thick mane, tail and coats due to the colder climates that they are normally found in. Their immense strength and stamina is most commonly used for work under harness, such as for ploughing the fields, hauling timber, pulling trams and barges along the canals.

Examples Of Cold Bloods:

Hot Bloods
Hot blooded horses have more athleticism than cold blooded horses. Originally from warmer climates they are usually more streamlined with much finer coats, manes and tails. Built for speed and endurance they often excel in long distance riding events and speed events such as racing.

Examples Of Hot Bloods:

Warm Bloods
Warm blooded horses are a mixture of hot bloods and cold bloods often resulting in an athletic horse with power, strength and stamina. Warmbloods are generally intelligent with even temperaments making them very trainable and suitable for a number of equestrian disciplines.

Examples Of Warmbloods: