Thoroughbred Horse Breed

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Thoroughbred Horse

Thoroughbred Horse
This beautiful horse has immense courage, speed and scope and willing nature which is why it is used in such sports as racing and eventing.

15 to 17+ HH.

Bay, brown, black, chestnut and grey.



Horse racing has been going on for centuries , but it was when the English knights returned from the Crusades with the Arab, Barb and Galloway horses that were mixed with English horses to produce the Thoroughbred horse that we know today.

During the early part of the 17 th century horse racing became a professional sport, with proper race tracks being set up all over England the most well known being at Newmarket.

In England the Two Thousand Guineas Stakes, the Epsom Derby and the St Legar Stakes make up the famous Triple Crown with each race being run over a different length.

When British settlers went to the New World they took their sport with them, racing became an organised sport in the late 1800's and nowadays their are several race tracks with the highpoint of the racing year culminating with the Kentucky Derby, Preakness stakes and Belmont stakes to form the Triple Crown of thoroughbred racing. There have been very few horses who have managed to win all three to claim the crown title.

Famous Fact
The first horse to win the very first Triple Crown was in England by a horse called West Australian in 1853.

The first horse to win the elusive US Triple Crown Challenge was a horse called Sir Barton in 1919.

The Thoroughbred Breeders' Association
Was set up in 1917 with the aim of improving and preserving the thoroughbred breed and racing way of life. It also aims to assist and advise both breeders and owners as well as offering clinics and seminars on relevant matters.