Tennessee Walking Horse Breed

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Tennessee Walking Horse
This horse is known for three paces in particular... the flat foot walk, the running walk and the canter.

14.2 to 17 HH.

Black, brown, bay or chestnut.


This horse was originally called a Tennessee Walker and was a mixture of Naragansett Pacer and the Canadian Pacer. The addition of the Confederate Pacer and Union Trotter to the breed in the 1800's led it to be renamed the Tennessee Pacer. The breed was then refined even more by the addition of Thoroughbred, Standardbred, Morgan and Saddlebred blood to end up with today's Tennessee Walking horse.


Famous Fact
The Flat foot walk, Running walk and the canter are all inherited gaits unique to this breed in particular.

Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders' And Exhibitors' Association
The association was set up in 1935 to protect the breed and encourage awareness and expansion of the breed today.