Swedish Warmblood Horse Breed

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Swedish Warmblood

Swedish Warmblood
This is a handsome looking horse with good overall conformation and an excellent temperament, making it a very good all round riding, driving and competition horse.

Height is between 15 and 17 HH.

Swedish Warmblood horses can be bay, grey, chestnut and black.

The breed originates from Sweden.


Swedish Warmbloods are often used as a competition horse and all purpose riding and driving horse.

It was king of Sweden who founded the Royal Stud at Flyinge in 1658, in order to supply  the stud and his army with suitable mounts.  Breeds such as Thoroughbred, Hanoverian's, Holsteins and Arabs were among those used to enhance the Swedish Warm blood.  The mixture of different breeds has led the Swedish Warmblood to be a successful competition horse in disciplines such as show jumping, dressage, eventing and driving.

Swedish horses are subjected to inspections throughout there early lives to help ascertain whether they will be used for breeding, brood mares, stallions or competition horses.

Swedish Warmblood Association Of North America
The association offers information on auctions, stallions and inspection tours.