Standardbred Horse Breed

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Standardbred Horse

A willing horse with an excellent temperament. Standardbreds excel in harness but are also excellent riding horses in dressage, jumping, trail, ranch and eventing.

14 HH to 16 HH.

Bay, brown, black and chestnut.


The greatest influence to the breed came from a English Thoroughbred called 'Messenger' who sired many excellent trotters such as 'Hambletonian' which have subsequently, set the breed up as we know it today. In order for a Standardbred to join the register of trotters it is judged on the horses ability to cover a one mile distance in a set time. The time raced is currently 2.20 minutes for a 2 year old and 2.15 for a 3 year old. This time was originally 2.30 but had to be lowered as the ground conditions and start gates have improved and many horses are now covering the distance in 1.50.


Famous Fact
A Standardbred called 'Niatross' was the first harness horse to run the mile in less than 1 minute 50 seconds.

Standardbred Organization
The Standardbred Pleasure and Performance Horse Association of New South Wales Inc - The association works to preserve and promote this wonderfully versatile breed of horse.