Saddlebred Horse Breed

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Saddlebred Horse

Saddlebred Horse
A very trainable good looking horse with a wonderful temperament make it a popular choice for many forms of riding.

15 HH to 17HH

Chestnut, bay, brown, black, gray, palomino and spotted.


In the 19th Century the Kentucky Saddler as it was originally called was developed by settlers in the Southern States of North America. This breed is a result of mixing local American breeds with the English Thoroughbred to give the settlers of the time a horse who had speed, intelligence, natural balance, stamina and a good temperament both under saddle and in harness.


The American Saddle Horse Breeders Association
The ASHA works at all levels to increase the popularity of the breed, to provide training and maintain the integrity of the breed.

Famous Fact
Due to their good looks Saddlebreds have been used along side other film horses in films such as Zorro, National Velvet, Gone with the Wind and Mr Ed and the Lone Rangers "Silver".