Orlov Trotter Horse Breed

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Orlov Trotter
This is a beautiful yet powerful  looking horse who has a sleek physique and tremendous trotting power , making it very well suited to harness racing as well as a useful riding horse.

The breed originates from Russia

Height is from 15.2 to 16.1 HH

The breed is predominantly grey but sometimes bay and black are seen.


Orlov horses are often used for driving and harness racing as well as for riding.

In 1977 the International Committee for the Protection of the Orlovs Trotter was set up and there are now stud farms in Russia and the Ukrane who are breeding purebreds.

The breed takes its name from Count Alexis Orlov who in the 18th century started up the Khrenovsky  stud farm in Bobrov. English, Dutch and Danish mares were bred with Arab stallions,  one Arab in particular was a grey stallion called Smetanka who went on to sire Bars 1 in 1784, Bars 1 is known as the foundation sire for the Orlov breed.

The Orlov was used as a riding and harness horse and found fame in trotting races. Where it would frequently out run its  competitors. The breed itself went into decline in the Civil war and then again during world war two but thanks to the International Committee for the protection of the Orlov Trotter a new strict breeding programme has begun to increase numbers of this wonderful breed.