Oldenburg Horse Breed

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Oldenburg Horse

Oldenburg Horse
This beautiful horse has excellent free moving paces and great athleticism making it an excellent riding, driving and competition horse.

In Oldenburg, lower Saxony, Germany.

16 to 17.3 HH

Oldenburg horses are brown, black, bay and chestnut.


Famous Oldenburg Horses A horse called Bonfire who was successfully ridden by Anky van Grunsven in the sport of dressage. And also a horse called Weihaiwej was successfully competed in the sport of show jumping by Franke Sloothaak.   

The Oldenburg takes its name from Count Anton Gunther von Oldenburg who helped to develop the breed in the 16 th century. This wonderful looking horse was originally bred using a mixture of Friesian, Barb, Thoroughbred, Cleveland bay and Hanoverian and was required for coach work and farm work where its impressive size and strength came into its own.

However with the increasing demand for quality riding and competition horses the Oldenburg was  re-created with the addition of  more Thoroughbred and also Selle Francais to give the Oldenburg  its   impressive build if a  little lighter and with a few conformation refinements. The end result is a big upstanding horse with excellent movement and a generous temperament.


Oldenburg Horse Breeders Society
The society offers information on breeding, inspections, events and membership.

The Oldenburg Horse Breeders Society - North American Division