Morgan Horse Breed

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Morgan Horse

Morgan Horse
Wonderful looking horse who is full of character and used both in harness and under saddle. They have great power, speed and endurance qualities as well as being kind and expressive.

14 to 15 HH.

Bay, chestnut, brown and black. White markings are permitted on the face and below the knee only.



The first recorded Morgan was a horse called 'Figure' who was born in the late 1780's, his name changed to that of his owner which was Justin Morgan. This little horse was only 14 HH and weighed in at around 386 kg and despite his small size excelled in many spheres such as harness, ploughing and woodland clearance.

Justin Morgan went on to have three sons who became key to the Morgan breed, they were called Sherman Morgan who excelled in the harness, Woodbury Morgan who excelled under saddle, and Bulrush Morgan who excelled in trotting. All three sons went on to have many offspring all enhancing their area of expertise on down the line.

The British Morgan Horse Society
Offers members and supporters of the breed information on shows, clinics, breeding and merchandising.