Gelderland Horse Breed

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Gelderland Horse

Gelderland Horse
Also called 'Gelderlander', this is a good looking and handsome horse with an excellent temperament and hard working nature. The Gelderland is a powerfully built horse with smooth active paces who  makes an excellent riding, driving and competition sports horse.

Gelderlanders originate in the Netherlands.

The breed is around 15.2 to 16 HH

Gelderlaners are predominantly chestnut with striking white markings, but bay and grey are also found.


Named after the area in Holland called Gelderland this wonderful horse is also sometimes called the Gelderlander and was bred using native mares which  were then crossed with stallions from all over the world including Andalusian, Holstein and the Norfolk roadster to produce a strong powerful horse that would be capable of farm work as well as carriage  driving.  

With the popularity of ridden pleasure horses  in demand the infusion of Hackney, Friesian, Oldenburg and Thoroughbred blood was introduced to lighten the Gelderland up and build up its athleticism, the end result is a horse who is capable of light carriage work and as a ridden horse who has a smooth active paces and a wonderful  temperament.

Gelderlanders are often used as pleasure, driving  and competition horse.