Dutch Warmblood Horse Breed

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Dutch Warmblood Horse

Dutch Warmblood
This beautiful looking horse is used for competition riding all over the world. The Dutch warm blood has active, agile paces and  an intelligent and trainable nature.

In the Netherlands.

Dutch Warmbloods are usually between 16 to 17 HH.

Grey, bay, black, brown and black.


Uses  competition sports and all purpose riding horse.

The Dutch warmblood was produced by using Gelderland and Groningen  mares and putting them to Thoroughbred stallions, when the need came to produce a horse more suited to light draught work and farm life the infusion of Cleveland bay and Hackney blood was introduced,  later on when the need for more of a pleasure and competition horse was required the use of  Trakehner, Holstein, Selle Francais  and Hanoverian's were also used.  Due to careful selection process of only the best quality horses chosen the end result is a stunning and talented horse capable of competing at the highest level in several disciplines.

Famous Dutch Warmbloods
A lovely looking horse called Milton, competed at top level show jumping  under John Whitikar together they one three gold, two silver and a bronze among countless other wins around the world. Milton competed until he was 17 and lived until he was 22.

A beautiful horse called Dutch Courage competed with Jennie Loriston-Clarke and had international success in the sport of Dressage.

British Warmblood Society
The society aims to preserve and promote the beauty of the Dutch Warmblood horse by maintaining high breeding standards.