Dartmoor Pony Breed

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Dartmoor Pony

Dartmoor Pony
This attractive pony  has a  generous temperament combined with strength, surefootedness  and active paces making it an excellent all round riding horse and especially suited as a pony for children.

The breed originates in Dartmoor, Devon,  England.

Dartmoor's are around 12 HH in height.

Bay, black and brown.


Uses can be used for riding and driving.

This lovely breed takes its name from the area Dartmoor where  it comes from and also from the river that runs through it called the river Dart. Over the years the Dartmoor ponies were used for  tin mining in local quarries and by the prison wardens  who patrolled the area around Dartmoor Prison.

For centuries these ponies have roamed free on the moors of  Dartmoor in Devon which covers some 638 square miles and contains many bogs, rivers and tors which are hills with boulder formations on the top.  

The Dartmoor pony has had influences from Arab, Barb, Welsh mountain and Hackney breeds. The resulting pony is well suited to life on the moor being sure footed, quick thinking, agile and docile in nature making it an excellent  choice for children. They are capable of driving as well as riding making them an excellent all rounder.

Dartmoor Pony Society
The society aims to protect and preserve the Dartmoor Pony and to promote the character and versitility of this beautiful breed.