Connemara Horse Breed

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Connemara Horse

A wonderfully good looking all round riding and driving pony who can be suitable for children and adults alike.  It has a kind temperament and excellent free moving paces and surefootedness  make it a popular choice.

The breed originates in Connemara to the West of Ireland.

Connemara's must not exceed 14.2 HH.

Connemara's are predominantly grey  but can also be dun, black, brown or chestnut.


The Connemara pony comes from the Connemara region in the county Galway in the West of Ireland. This area is a harsh Landscape of heath, valleys, bogs, mountains and moor - land all of which have led the Connemara to develop surefootedness and great hardiness in order to survive.

Native ponies from Ireland were influenced with Thoroughbred, Hackney and Arab blood, giving them their excellent smooth paces combined with speed and stamina.

Connemara ponies are excellent all round riding, competition and driving ponies, they are known for being excellent, bold jumpers and have good free moving paces in the dressage field.

Famous Horses
There have been many Connemara ponies who have excelled in many different types of competition.

The British Connemara Pony Society
The society strives to promote and preserve this beautiful horse as well as offering information on breeders, stallions, events and shows.