Arab Horse Breed

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Arab Horse

Arab Horse
A beautiful horse which has stamina, speed and agility. It is known for its effortless almost floating stride along with a slender outline and refined head which is dished in appearance.

14 to 15 HH.

Chestnut, grey, black, brown and bay.



Arabs are from the Arabian Peninsula and due to their natural speed, strength, intelligence and stamina were originally bred to be war horses by the Bedouin tribesmen. The Arab has influenced many other breeds such as the Thoroughbred, Quarter horse, Morgan, Saddlebred, Appaloosa and Trakehner.

Famous Fact
Arabs have been used in films such as Laurence of Arabia, The Black stallion and the 13th warier.

The Arab Horse Society
Was founded in 1918 and aims to promote the breeding and welfare of the breed. The society also gives information on Arab shows, seminars and competitions as well as award schemes for mares, sires and performance horses.