Appaloosa Horse Breed

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Appaloosa Horse

Appaloosa Horse
A beautiful horse with the most wonderful spotted coat. They were originally brought over with the spanish conquistadors and very soon became prized by the Native Americans who took an interest in the breed which was often called the Palouse horse which is the name of a river which runs through the area they are from.

14.2 to 15 HH.

The base colour can be bay, black, brown, chestnut, dun, buckskin, grulla and palomino. With the variations which can be Blanket, Roan, Roan Blanket, Solid, Leopard, Few Spot Leopard, Snowflake, Varnish and Frost.


Appaloosa Horse Club
This was set up in 1938 by dedicated breeders intent on preserving the breed. There are now over 670,000 registered Appaloosas registered.

Famous Fact
The Appaloosa is the official state horse of Idaho and you can get a custom made license plate in Idaho which features an Appaloosa horse.

Famous Appaloosa Horses
Broadcast News competed very successfully in the sport of eventing in particular winning Burghly Horse Trials in 1997.

Appaloosa Horse Club
The Appaloosa Horse Club is an association for owners, breeders and enthusiasts who strive to promote, protect and preserve this wonderful horse with its unique coat markings.